Freelance Blogger Rates and How They Are Determined

All About Freelance Blogger Rates

freelance blogger ratesIf you have been searching for blogging help, you already know that freelance blogger rates are all over the map. I’ve worked with good writers who are willing to write for $10 per post. I’ve also worked with some pretty awful writers who charge over $100 per post. What that means for you,   is that you can’t use the rate someone charges as an indicator of whether or not they can get the job done.

In my humble opinion, I don’t believe that any experienced professional blogger can or should offer up a flat rate for services. There are simply too many factors.  Here are several of the things I consider before quoting a price to a potential client.

Length and frequency

This is an obvious factor when determining freelance blogger rates.  How many posts a month will the client require and how long would they like each post to be? Some clients require a handful of lengthy posts a month, while others need several short posts a day.    The answer is driven by the business’s goal(s) and what they are looking to get out of having a blog.

I would also be wary of writers who charge by the word; it’s not a practice I’ve ever put much faith into.  However, in order to give potential clients an idea of how much Blogger Freelance charges, I find myself forced into using this pricing model. For illustrative purposes only, I let potential clients know they can expect to pay, on average, between 7 and 12 cents a word per post when hiring me.

Where are blog topics coming from?

One of my strong suits as a freelance blogger is the ability to come up with interesting topics to write about.  However, brainstorming compelling content ideas for a blog as a freelancer can be time consuming, especially if the industry you are blogging about is out of your wheelhouse.  That is why I will always ask a perspective client if they are hiring me to come up with topics or if they will be providing the topics each month.  This answer is a factor when determining freelance blogger rates.

I often find that a tandem effort works best, with one party suggesting topics and the other building/improving on them.   Irrespective of the procedure that is agreed upon, I need to understand the level of effort on my part before being able to quote an accurate price for content delivery.

Do you need me to conduct SEO research and identify strong, yet achievable keywords?

SEOSome Blogger Freelance clients already know the keywords and phrases they want to rank well for in Google, others, don’t understand the basic concept of SEO or what the acronym even stands for.  Either way, it’s cool.  When setting freelance blogger rates, I will take into consideration the time and effort required on my end to help you crack the first page of Google with content-rich keyphrases.

Publishing good content is of tantamount importance when looking to have people find you via organic search.  But do not underestimate the significance of targeting the right keywords and understanding keyword density — the percentage of times a keyword/phrase appears in your blog post compared to the total number of words in the article.   A professional blogger will be able to help you identify keyphrases that have a fighting chance of improving your search engine ranking.  If SEO research and consulting is one of your requirements as a client, it will be built into the freelance blogger rates.

What is the topic, my knowledge on it, and the level of research required?

This question has a gazillion different answers, which is why I maintain that any blogger who sends you a flat-rate price quote without doing their due diligence on your business’s needs, is likely a blogger you want to steer clear from.

Before sending a customized rate to potential clients, I make sure I understand what they want me to blog about.  I’ve written about everything from retail inventory to statistical abstracts — video games to acing a phone interview – and that doesn’t mean I’m an expert in any of those fields. Each one required a different effort of research, thus it took varying times to complete each assignment.

My freelance blogger rates will be mostly determined by the amount of time I determine it will take me to complete a blog post. I have set a minimum hourly rate for myself and will not work for less than that. You can always find a $10 blogger somewhere, but as the saying goes, you often get what you pay for.

Who is entering the blog posts into WordPress or other content management system?

The majority of clients will set the freelance blogger up with their own account so they can access the blog/website and post the articles themselves. This saves the blog owner the time of setting metadata, keywords, images, external links, and having to take case of other core blogging components.  However, I have come across clients who prefer to handle these blogging tasks themselves.  While I encourage clients to hand the keys over to a blogging expert, if there are components of blogging that the client wants to hold onto, I will factor this into my freelance blogger rates.

Will blogs require re-writes or go through an editorial process?

editsMy favorite clients are the ones who let me do what I do.  However, as someone who has experienced his fair share of journalism education, I respect the editorial process and understand that some businesses need to tightly control the message their blog disseminates.

I will always ask the potential client how they envision the content approval process working before I share freelance blogger rates. This helps everyone understand the steps that are involved in getting a post live.  If a client is willing to ‘set it and forget it,’ they will get a lower rate than a business that expects multiple rewrites and approvals.

Additional stuff

There are other factors that come into play when setting a per blog post price.  I will also take into account if you require time to help you promote blog content on social media or through other marketing channels.  Additionally, will you want comment moderation?

This might be more than you ever wanted to know about freelance blogger rates.  I figured a little insight into how I set my rate will help you get an idea of the types of questions a professional blogger should be asking you.  Now you can consider your answers in advance and be able to get a customized quote quickly.  Also, before searching for a pro blogger it is also a good idea to have a monthly budget in mind.  In my blogging experience, most companies can benefit from spending several hundred dollars a month on blog content.

So are you ready to get started?  Contact me today and lets get the conversation started on how hiring me as your blogger can help grow your business.

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