You have likely heard about the concept called “Content Marketing” and considered hiring a freelance blogger to help your campaign. Unlike most other online marketing strategies, content marketing has enduring staying power. The three major search engines reward webmasters who continuously upload fresh, relevant content that provides actionable advice helping readers solve problems. Okay, so you understand the importance of content marketing.

Do you have the ability to write the blog posts yourself?

The goal of any content marketing campaign is to attract potential customers to your small business website and then convert the new readers into lifelong patrons of your products and services. However, that is easier said than done, as most small business operators can’t spot a punctuation error if it came in the form of 16-point bold font. Most small business operators can barely write an invoice, much less compelling posts that form the cornerstone of their content marketing programs.

You need to recruit a freelance blogger to get your message across to potential customers. Here’s how a freelance blogger can attract customers to your website.

Talented Freelance Bloggers Know SEO

New customers don’t stumble upon your small business website. They type in keywords that help them find local businesses online. The best freelance bloggers not only know what keywords new customers use to find you online, they also know how many times to sprinkle the keywords within the blog content. SEO also involves technical skills such as back linking to reputable sites and uploading fresh content that search engines reward for providing useful information. Hire a freelance blogger wand watch your website traffic steadily grow.

A Freelance Blogger Knows How to Solve Problems

How do you attract customers and more important, how do you convert the customers to comprise your growing number of loyal patrons? You recruit a freelance blogger who knows how to solve customer problems. From an auto mechanic blog that teach basic car maintenance to florist posts that help your website visitors sustain robust flower beds, your small business blog attracts customers because they need solutions to difficult problems. Professional freelance bloggers have the skills to define problems clearly and then provide step-by-step instructions on how to solve the problems. Solving customer problems builds the level of trust that turns website visitors into devoted followers of your small business.

Attention Grabbing Headlines Require a Professional’s Touch

Yes, content sells, but headlines grab reader attention. You can’t expect to attract more customers if most of your website visitors disregard your content because it appears bland. The best freelance bloggers write captivating headlines that prompt website visitors to delve deeper into the content. If you remember one content marketing statistic, it should be this: Five times as many people read headlines than the number of people who dive into blog post content. Compelling blog post headlines also improve search engine results.

Freelance Bloggers Write with Clarity

Nothing turns off visitors to your small business more than muddled content. Disjointed organization and awkward sentences that do not clearly define the benefits of doing business with you causes potential customers to seek other small business owners that know how to convey their messages clearly. A freelance blogger uses simple language that engages readers, instead of writing overblown sentences that confuse, instead of educate potential customers.

A Good Freelance Blogger Knows How to Tell a Story

As Roger C. Clark notably said, “Humans do not understand logic. They understand stories.” The best freelance bloggers know how to spin a yarn that entertains readers. Dry, bland copy turns off readers who have other choices for finding the small business that best matches their shopping needs. Stories evoke emotion, which is the ultimate goal of any copy that you present online. You attract customers because they have forged an emotional attachment to your small business story. Professional freelance bloggers understand how to craft provocative emotional stories that create the unbreakable bond between customers and small business operators.

Professional Freelance Bloggers Leverage Social Media

A growing number of social media pages appear on Google’ search engine result pages. Customers find you on Facebook and Twitter, before they visit your organic small business website to learn more about your product and services. Freelance bloggers are much more than content driven professionals that educate potential customers. The best freelance bloggers adeptly work social media websites to promote client products and services. A freelance blogger that doesn’t have social media savvy doesn’t do your small business much good.

What Good are Customers that Don’t Buy?

Potential customers might flock to your website to read your freelance blogger witty posts, but what does it matter if potential customers don’t make purchases. A freelance blogger not only attracts potential customers, he or she successfully converts potential customers from online bystanders to regular patrons of your small business. A freelance blogger understands how to leverage demo videos, case studies, and white papers to convert website visitors into repeat customers.

Reputation Draws Customers to Your Website

So, you made the plunge and hired a freelance blogger to attract customers to your website. Are you going to allow the freelance blogger to post content under his or her name? The temptation is to publish ghostwritten content under your byline, but the temptation can cost you customers. Popular freelance bloggers have developed loyal followings that go to whatever websites the bloggers make contributions. If you want more customers to visit your website, make sure to promote your freelance blogger by using the blogger’s name in the byline.

Small business owners wear many hats in the operation of their enterprises. Savvy small business owners know which of the hats to pass onto more accomplished professionals. Not every small business owner has what it takes to create winning content marketing campaigns. Pass on the freelance blogger hat to a professional that has the skills and knowledge to attract customers to your website.

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