Why You Should Hire a Freelance Blogger TODAY

So you’re pretty sure that your business needs a blog. After all, the competition has one, you keep reading about the affect social media can have on your bottom line, and you’re tired of wasting money on Web ads that consumers have learned to tune out. The good news for you is that there is no better time to hire a freelance blogger than right now. The future of blogging burns bright in 2011. Here’s why…

– Currently over 50% of Internet users read at least one blog a month. According to Technorati and eMarketer, this number is expected to rise to 60% in 2014.

– Blogs are an influential way to get your message across. By speaking in a casual tone with your visitors, you can convert business using a softer sell. Perhaps that’s why blogs are one of the most effective marketing tools of the 21st century.

– More than 43% of U.S. companies will market via a blog by 2012, up from 34% in 2010, according to eMarketer.

– Search engine love! Over 58% of marketers use their blog to improve search engine optimization, according to eMarketer. We’ve seen the success many, many times. Look no further than Jobacle.com. In 2007 we developed a new brand name and now have over 60,000 search results in Google, the vast majority of which, are a result of blogging.

– Technorati and Razorfish say that 47% of consumers will refer a brand th out via blog, versus 28% for Facebook and 22% for Twitter. Yes, blog promotion works beautifully with Facebook and Twitter, but it is important to recognize that it is the lead horse, not a supporting player.

Blogging is NOT a passing fad. Posting stellar content on your website can help your business in so many ways. Contact Blogger Freelance today at 917-740-BLOG to learn more or fill out this form.

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