Writer Needed: Why a Blog Can Give Your Small Business an Edge

writer needed

Writer needed? Many small businesses do not have the time, nor the resources, to build and maintain a strong online presence or a solid online content strategy.

It is well-known that having an online presence is crucial to business success, and engaging directly with consumers and potential customers.

Having a blog is beneficial for small businesses, allowing them to build loyalty among their current customers, gain feedback, and attract new leads (therefore increasing sales) whilst also helping with the search-engine ranking of the company website.

Suffice to say – blogging for small businesses is pretty important! It is an effective way of communicating with your target audience, and provides a cost-effective way of building and maintaining an online presence, without the need of hiring costly web designers or having to learn HTML.

With all of this in mind it is worthwhile investing in a professional writer, needed to make your content stand out from the crowd and get your message heard. Here are just some of the ways that blogging can benefit your small business:

Communicate Your Brand Proposition

Your blog is your way of reaching out to your potential customers, and the content you publish will shape and enhance the ways in which your audience connects with your brand and company. You can use your blogs’ content to drive engagement, as well as increase the likelihood of new customers discovering your business, through publishing high-quality, shareable content.

A good writer is needed for you to be able to pull this off effectively, as blogging also creates a level of trust between your organization and your target consumers. People are more likely to ‘trust’ content that is written on a blog, by an individual – rather than corporate-style sales material that is purely promotional and offers no real benefit to the person reading it.

In this respect, blogs enable small businesses to establish a clear, authentic voice and communicate their message in a meaningful way online in a way that many larger corporations do not.

Boost Your Websites SEO Ranking

The first thing that a potential customer will do when they are looking for a specific product or service is search for it via Google, or another search engine. Therefore, you want your business website to rank as highly as possible in search results! Having a blog attached to your company website is a highly effective way of climbing the search engine ladder.

A good blog writer will be able to identify the appropriate key words for your business to target, and then create content around those key words to improve your search-engine ranking. This goes beyond the simple offerings and services of your business – and can include peripheral keywords that your target consumers will be searching for.

This type of targeted marketing based on the demographics and interests of your consumers is highly effective, and much less costly than other traditional forms of marketing and print or media advertising.

Enable You to Build a Mailing List of Potential Customers

If your blog contains useful information that your target consumers are searching the web for (which it will – provided your blog writer performs the appropriate keyword research as stated in the point above), then ultimately the people who land on your site are warm leads who might benefit from your products or services.

By offering a free, downloadable piece of content on your blog (such as an Ebook or pdf that addresses certain pain points within your target consumer) – you have the opportunity to capture the email addresses of your target audience.

This can be used to build a database for future direct marketing campaigns, as you will steadily build a catalogue of customers who have already expressed an interest in the types of services or products your business is offering – and are therefore more likely to buy from you.

This type of lead generation is extremely valuable for small businesses – and what’s more, it’s easy to manage. Using a free service like Mailchimp to build your email list, you can plan future marketing campaigns strategically, and also send out company newsletters to promote engagement with your customers.

In Conclusion

If you’re serious about boosting the online credibility of your small business, and growing your customer base – then regular blogging should be central to your content marketing strategy. There is a writer needed!

It is critical that the content you produce keeps consumers coming back for more – as is striking the right balance between genuinely useful and engaging articles with more promotional content.

If you plan your strategy carefully and understand the importance of hiring a writer needed for executing that strategy, then your small business can most certainly gain a competitive advantage, even against some of the bigger, key-players within your industry.

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