Benefits of Being a Freelance Blogger

Many people have their doubts about becoming a freelance blogger. It is an occupation that really sounds too good to be true. Is this really something you can do full time, and earn a decent wage? Well, there is a long list of reasons why so many people are eager to fill the positions that are available. Below are just a few benefits you have to look forward to, if you pursue this career path.

Build Your Writing Portfolio

Once you are established and have several clients you will often get a lot of new jobs simply through word-of-mouth. At this point, clients may not even ask to see your portfolio because you have been recommended by someone they respect. However, when you are a new freelance blogger, your portfolio is everything. The more work you can add to it, the more versatile and experienced you appear. Some clients may even allow you to publish your name, which will help in getting your name out there.

Learn New Things

As a freelance blogger, you may have to do research, unless you are sticking solely with a topic you are an expert on. This opens your eyes to a lot of new and exciting topics you may not otherwise be prompted to learn about.

Set Your Own Hours

One of the greatest benefits you have to look forward to is that you can create your own schedule. If you do this full time, you will not have to sit in rush hour traffic, hoping to arrive in time to punch that time clock before you are late. However, you will need to create some type of working schedule to make sure you get deadlines done on time. This may include setting specific work hours, and penciling in breaks. Others take a more laidback approach and work off-and-on through the day. You need to figure out what is best for you.

The good news is that you will not have to sit in traffic or be reprimanded, when you are late. Plus, when you create your own schedule, you can give yourself a day off when a friend comes in town and make it up later, or you can rearrange things, so you can take that morning yoga class or join that cycling club you’ve had your eyes on.

Determine Your Own Income

When you are a freelance blogger you determine how much money you will make. The sky is the limit! Understand that while you are getting established you may need to charge a lower fee until you have an impressive portfolio. The exception to this would be if you are writing on a topic you are an expert on.

Once you have a name for yourself, you can increase your rates, as needed. This means you could work the same amount and bring in more money, or take more time to enjoy the things you love and bring in the same income you are used to. You can make a substantial amount of money as a freelance blogger. Do remember to set aside money to pay your taxes, but keep in mind that you can deduct all work-related expenses, including internet, supplies, and even a portion of utilities.


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