A Guide on Being a Professional Blogger

pc_lappyAs you already know, blogging is one of the hottest topics people are talking about. Every day, more-and more people are starting a blog. They are not only being created for personal use though. Businesses of all sizes in every market are starting blogs to gain exposure. They have become popular for artists of all genres, too. Of course, few business owners have the time to maintain their own blog, so most hire a professional blogger, which makes blogging a pretty desirable career choice right now.

Learn the Basics

If someone hires you as their professional blogger they may expect you to be familiar with their blogging platform. Some will prefer that you deliver the work to them, so they can enter it themselves, but others will want you to handle all areas. So, it is a good idea to get familiar with the most popular platforms, and understand how to enter tags, schedule posts, etc. You will also want to have a strong understanding of social networking to share posts, as well.

Find Your Niche

One of the great things about being a professional blogger is that you will have the opportunity to write about a wide variety of topics. However, if you are an expert in a certain area, this would be your niche to focus on. Obviously, you can research and write on any subject, but someone might be willing to pay a little more to an expert on a topic. For example, if you are into hydroponics, a store selling supplies for grow rooms is more likely to hire you to write its blog than someone who is going to need to research the information.

Build a Presence

Although you can use freelance sites to secure jobs, the best way to prove that you are a professional blogger is to build an online presence. Potential clients may want to see real-time examples of your work. Alternately, you can always advertise on your blog that you are available for hire. Forum participation on content websites as well as social media can be helpful in getting your personal blog out there, too.

Search Positions on Blogging Job Boards

There are a lot more blogging job sources than most are aware of. Pro Blogger, BloggingPro.com, Indeed.com, Authority Blogger, Writers Weekly, and Mediabistro are all recommended sources.

Create a Schedule

When you work for yourself it is easy to get in the habit of putting things off. Unfortunately, this will often land you in a position where you are way behind and may start missing deadlines. It is important to create a work schedule. If you are working for multiple clients, make sure you know what day work is due for each one. Organization is crucial.

Get Business Cards Made

One of the easiest ways to get your name out there is to have business cards made. They cost next to nothing, and they are essential for networking. Any time you are interacting with a business owner, manager, artist, etc., slip them a card. If they do not have a blog already, you will be planting the seed that they need one, and when they are ready to hire a professional blogger, you might be the first person they contact.


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