Define Blog, Client Says

One of the most common things I hear when speaking to a potential client is…

“I don’t exactly know what a blog is, but I hear it can be good for my business.”

They often say it with a shade of embarrassment.

How silly!

The same way I can’t possibly understand every aspect of your business, I don’t expect you to understand my business — the business of blogging.

First, let’s define blog:

What is a blog?  There are many definitions, but let me give you my simple explanation:

A blog is primarily text content that is updated regularly on a particular topic. These articles generally display in reverse chronological order and give readers the ability to comment.

There are a million variations of what a blog is.  But when I define blog to a client, I am often thinking about articles that are interesting to read AND easy to read.  They are conversational by nature.  They likely include an image or two along with several links to external websites.

Just so we’re clear, you’re reading a blog post now! That already makes you an expert!  😉

Thinking of starting up a blog? You’ve heard it can be “good for business.”  Here are a few reasons why:

– Get more traffic to your website

– Give visitors a reason to come back to your website

– Establish yourself/business as an authority in your industry

– Raise brand awareness

– Test ideas and gather feedback

I can define blog 100 different ways. The bottom line is that figuring out how to start a blog can be a time consuming process.  Whether you want to start a blog tomorrow or put together a content strategy for next year, Blogger Freelance can help.

There are several ways to get started:
– Fill out this questionnaire
– Fill out this contact form
– Call me at 917-740-BLOG

Together, we can define blog so that it best fits for your business goals.  No matter what your budget or technical experience, there is no excuse not to have a blog as part of your marketing plan.

I am extremely patient and I look forward to working with you!

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