Freelance Blogging Success – June 2011

June is off to a fast start for Blogger Freelance.

Thanks to our blog writing services, one of our real estate clients on the West coast has landed a new $400,000 condo listing.  According to the seller, it was the blog content that grabbed their attention!  Now let’s hope the agents can close the deal.  Keep in mind that depending on your business, a single sale resulting from your blog, can pay for our services for a year.

One of my favorite things about blogging is that you never know who’s going to check out your work.  Last week an article I wrote for U.S. News & World Report about “Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job,” grabbed the attention of a producer at Wisconsin Public Radio.  That transaction resulted in an hour-long radio interview heard in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa ., where the blog originated, received some great press.

If you are looking for compelling content that will get the attention of real people AND search engines – we can help. I hope we’re writing about your success story next month! Contact us today.

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