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So You Want to Be a Freelance Blogger and Web Content Strategist?

So, you’ve taken the big plunge into the world of freelance blogging as a web content strategist. You no longer have the security of working for a large company. The freedom to write about whatever you like gives you an uncanny sense of professional pride. Although working as a freelance blogger has its numerous benefits, […]

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How to Get a Freelance Blogger’s Attention

As a popular freelance blogger my inbox is cluttered. I realize yours is too. It doesn’t matter how many tabs Gmail adds or how many inbox filters we apply; more emails, equal more noise. During my years of freelance blogging I have learned a simple lesson: The vast majority of email senders want something. It […]

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Freelance Blogging Success – June 2011

June is off to a fast start for Blogger Freelance. Thanks to our blog writing services, one of our real estate clients on the West coast has landed a new $400,000 condo listing.  According to the seller, it was the blog content that grabbed their attention!  Now let’s hope the agents can close the deal.  […]

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