How to Get a Freelance Blogger’s Attention

get_attentionAs a popular freelance blogger my inbox is cluttered. I realize yours is too.

It doesn’t matter how many tabs Gmail adds or how many inbox filters we apply; more emails, equal more noise.

During my years of freelance blogging I have learned a simple lesson:

The vast majority of email senders want something.

It could be a juicy backlink. Or to sell you something. Maybe they want to give you something for free or even hire you as a freelance blogger. No matter how you slice it, every email in your inbox is fighting for your attention. It’s like having a thousand middle children clamoring for mommy’s love, and as painful as it is to admit, some get left behind.

A clever subject line can help. However, it’s such a widespread tactic these days, even the best opening lines seem to be falling flat. And the more blogs the freelancer is handling, the harder it will be to get their attention.

Before you hit “send” on that generic press release or woefully templated request, consider these tactics to get a freelance blogger’s attention.

1) Write about them.

Bloggers have egos too. Part of their lifeblood is monitoring what people are saying about them or their blog. The dedicated ones are checking their referring traffic on a regular basis. Insult them on your website and they will defend their honor. Compliment them and they will take note. Either way, you now have their attention.

2) Ask the blogger for help.

It’s a generalization but I’m going to go there anyhow; people love to hear themselves talk. The freelance blogging community is a verbose bunch that is passionate about what they do. A clear understanding that reciprocity is what makes the blogosphere work, coupled with the fact that today’s newbie could be tomorrow’s Darren Rowse, increases the odds that a blogger will help you if you are willing to ask.

3) Track them down.

I don’t mean in the I’ll-run-a-Whois– and-call-you-at-home stalker kind of way, but by contacting the blogger at an alternate e-mail address or via message board, you might be able to cut through some their generic inbox clutter. When you fill out a form you will likely get routed to a general mailbox and get lost in the shuffle.

4) Snail mail.

Sounds crazy, right? But sometimes you have to go old school to rule new media. Heck, even Twitter employees are passing around paper businesscards. Send a physical mailing that includes a clear message of what you are looking for.

Above all, be freaking human! I find myself more apt to respond to someone who is transparent about what they are looking to accomplish and what they are hoping to get out of me as a freelance blogger.

Have you used any interesting tactics to get a blogger’s attention?

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