Places this freelance blogger will dig for blogging content ideas.

blogging contentYour small business blog has gotten off to a rousing start. The content you upload creates a lot of buzz among potential customers who view your small business as an authority in its niche. Ideas roll off your brain like the water falls from thawed mountainsides. Everything seems to be clicking for your small business blog, until one day, when the water stops falling and the content ideas run dry.

What do you do when you run out of content ideas for your small business blog?

You may experience an urge to panic and race to other blogs within your small business niches. However, you should consider surprising sources for blogging content to keep the ideas flowing to your small business blog.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Savvy small business owners delegate job responsibilities. They shun the go it alone approach to sharing the burden of operating a small business. Apply the same principle to your small business blog. Blogging content can come from several sources; all you have to do is ask. Ask your small business website audience about which topics they want you discuss. You can ask your audience directly on your website forum or send emails to solicit input. Do not forget to include your parents and children for collecting valuable content ideas. Successful freelance bloggers know where to go when the idea well runs dry.


A Library Full of Secrets

Libraries are great places to escape from the stress of running a small business. Find a secluded spot inside of a library, prop your feet on a table, and take some time to get away from it all. Well, if all you do is take a siesta, you’re missing one of the best opportunities to generate ideas for blogging content. Within a library, aisles upon aisles of content ideas sit on bookshelves, within compact disc drawers, and along magazine racks. Peruse the information that pertains to your small business niche to glean content ideas for your small business blog. You may walk into a library devoid of content ideas, but you can expect to walk away overflowing with information to tantalize your website visitors.

New Twist on Previous Content

Far too many small business owners believe freelance bloggers should never revisit previously written about topics. However, the outdated thought prevents you from keeping the content idea train from churning out information. Previously written about content provides an excellence source of fresh content ideas. Think about how things rapidly change within your small business niche. You have to update certain topics to keep the information relevant for your blog readers. The new insight ensures your customers stay current with events within your small business niche and in return, you create new blogging content ideas that generate high search engine rankings. Moreover, revisit important topics that you need to keep relevant for your website visitors.

What are they Saying on Social Media?

Social media sites offer small business owners one of the best ways to get their marketing messages out to potential customers. The virtual social networking world also provides you with a fertile source of content ideas. Successful freelance bloggers refer to Facebook and LinkedIn to keep the writing flame burning hot inside of their heads. Content ideas can come from pithy comments made on a Facebook Wall or posts uploaded by professionals who connect to each other via LinkedIn. Even tweets prompt the content idea switch to turn on inside of your head. Research social media sites for social memes and trending topics that have staying power.


Try to Be the Big Pea in a Pod

Podcasts produced by experts in your business niche represent another surprising way to generate ideas for your small business blog. During one podcast, you can obtain several content ideas to mold into tightly written blog posts. Podcasts that double as webinars present information that keeps you abreast of the latest industry trends and issues that most concern your customers. Podcasts that include expert interviews provide the best source for blogging content ideas. Expand the podcast source for content ideas by reviewing YouTube videos that discuss topics within your small business niche.

Coming up for content ideas for your small business blog can cause you to pull every strand of hair out of your head. You can keep your hair by thinking outside the box of generating content ideas. Professional bloggers understand that content ideas flow 24 hours a day from the unlikeliest of sources.

You have to treat content ideas like an on call job. You never know when and where you’ll find the next content idea.


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