When you hire freelance bloggers to provide blog services to build content, you attract new customers and gain loyal, lifelong patrons of your small business. However, simply deciding to go the freelance route does not guarantee that you win the content marketing war. You also need to understand what to look for in a freelance blogger who represents a blog service.

The best blog services deliver much more than talented wordsmiths. Yes, knowing how to structure sentence that grammatically make sense goes a long way towards establishing credibility for your small business. Don’t forget the importance of correct spelling. Misspelled words demonstrate to website visitors that you don’t place much importance on quality. Although professional writing skills should be at the top of your blog service criteria list, you also should consider 6 other things the best blog services deliver.

Hire Freelance Bloggers Who Know SEO


You may think pandas and penguins only have relevance inside of a zoo, but Google has made both an integral part of the search engine giant’s search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm. Blog service writers not only craft words as the best artists craft paintings, the writers also know which keywrods to integrate strategically within the content. You can employ the Michelangelo of words and get someone who paints a beautiful story, but only a few people read it. SEO involves writing content that website visitors find useful, as well as links that send readers to highly rated websites. Properly tagged damages and SEO friendly title description play a role in developing a successful SEO strategy.

Feedback that Reverberates Throughout Cyber Space


The best blog services do much more than upload content to your small business website. When you hire freelance bloggers, you want the bloggers to manage the content. This includes responding to comments left by website visitors who read the blog. Website visitor comments offer suggestions that enhance the content or ask questions that require immediate answers. In either case, readers expect comments left on a small business web page to receive some type of response shortly after submission. Failing to respond to comments indicates your small business does not care about customer feedback.

Writer Diversity Makes a Huge Difference

writer diversity

A freelance blogger who specializes in ghostwriting blogs may not be the best choice for writing content for your small business website products and services pages. The skill set for helping customers solve problems and describing the nuances of a product are very different. Writing blogs involves formal writing skills, while product descriptions require a creative flair that prompts website visitors to take action. The best blog services have a stable of diversified writers that cover all of your small business website needs.

Taking Care of Business


The best blog services deliver professionals writer services that include a strong business relationship. You develop a strong business relationship with blog services that provide timely content. A professional freelance writer adapts to project parameter changes, such as request for revisions and additional content. Taking care of business also means that blog services send out professionally crafted invoices and present detailed descriptions of each contract. Remember that you run a business and so does the blog service.

Aware of the Latest Trends


Some blog services recruit a large number of writers to cover virtually every type of writing niche. From fashion to automotive parts, the best blog services offer highly informed writers who thoroughly understand their specializations. If you run a florist business, you probably don’t want a sporting goods blogger to write content for your website. You want to hire a freelance blogger who understands the latest trends in the florist industry. Writers who stay ahead of the trends curve keep your small business website on the cutting edge of content.

Bundling Services to Save Money


If you plan to hire freelance bloggers for the long term, you should consider a blog service that bundle two or more jobs into a discounted rate plan. The blog service benefits from increased business and your small business benefits from lower blogging costs. For example, consider a blog service bundles the ghostwriting of a small business e-book with the one-month fee for regularly scheduled blog posts.

The best blog services hire freelance bloggers to produce informative content that gets your small business website ranked high in the three major search engines. While blog services vet the credentials of prospective bloggers, it is still your responsibility to make the sure that any blog service under consideration has earned a strong reputation for recruiting the best writing talent available. You can do this by reading online reviews and researching the credentials of writers that blog services hire.

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