Why I Get Paid to Blog

paid to blogAs a freelance blogger, it can be tricky to explain to folks why I get paid to blog.

When you meet new people and reacquaint with long lost friends, the conversation invariably turns to careers. The most common question of “What are you doing” turns a bit strange for someone who blogs for a living.

It goes something like this:

“So, where do you work now?”

“I work from home as a blogger.”

“They pay you for that?”

“Yes, I get paid to blog.”

“Why do they pay you to blog?”

“Well, that’s a great question that has several answers.”

Great Bloggers Provide Entertainment

The best writers who get paid to blog work a little humor into the posts. They captivate readers by telling amusing or funny stories that directly relate to the topic at hand. The goal of any writer who wants to get paid to blog is to evoke emotions from readers that create an online viral buzz.

Unique Voice Projected Through Various Writing Techniques

Freelance bloggers who get paid to blog present information in unique voices. They do not mimic the latest trends in the blogosphere or produce content that follows predictable writing techniques. Great bloggers keep their readers guessing as to how they present information via unique voices.

Pithy is Not Only a Word for O’Reilly

News talk show host Bill O’Reilly overuses the word pithy, but pithy is a word that writers who get paid to blog must always remember when writing their posts. The best blogs contain between 350 – 550 words and freelance bloggers make sure every word counts. If you want to get paid to blog, you need to learn how to convey useful information concisely.

Helpful Information that Solves Reader Problems

Too many bloggers believe they need to create inflammatory content based on personal opinions. However, the writers that get paid to blog produce content that helps readers solve problems. Very few readers are going to care about your stance on political issues, but they’ll flock to your blog if you offer helpful information that pertains to their daily lives.

Producing Great Content like Clockwork

Blog readers expect writers who get paid to blog to publish content that follows consistent schedules. Whether you publish content once a month or three times per week, you must adhere to the publication schedule if you expect to earn a living as a freelance blogger. The best bloggers create content like clockwork.

Readers First

Writers who get paid to blog are not only great writers, but they accomplish perhaps the most important goal of writing great blogs. They think first of the readers who read the blogs, instead of writing in a style and voice that conflicts with reader preferences. If you want to earn a living as a blogger, you have to make the reader the focus of everything thing you do, from the topics that you select to the way you present content.

Writing blog posts for a living provides writers with reliable sources of income and a highly fulfilling career. Aspiring freelance bloggers need to learn that blogging involves several skills that take time and practice to develop. Once you master the skills, it becomes apparent why I get paid to blog.

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