Blogger Freelance Presents: The KEY to a Guest Blog Pitch

In the 6+ years I have spent as a successful freelance blogger and blog owner, I have received thousands of pitches.  Over the past two years the number of “guest blog” proposals I’ve received have gone through the roof.

The problem is the majority of people who reach out to me do not supply topic ideas. This is a game-changer when it comes to trying to get published on a major blog. With this post I hope to give you some insight as to why providing specific blog post pitches is essential to getting published on external blogs.

1) Make the blog owner’s life easy. Bloggers are busy. The majority of us have full-time jobs, family obligations and a social life (as minuscule as it might be), on top of our blogging responsibilities. Freelance bloggers love getting “free” content, but if it takes them five emails to get a post, it often feels like it is not worth their time.

2) You have a unique voice. As a blog owner, the idea of having guest bloggers is so that a group of strangers can help you come up with fresh content ideas and fill in the voids that you can’t cover. Bloggers can write about anything, but sometimes, coming up with post ideas is the hardest part. 

3) Get specific. When you solicit a freelance blogger and tell them that you can write about “anything,” you are turning them off. Would you want a girlfriend who is willing to be with anyone? Of course not. We all have a specialty; an area where our writing is at its best. Flaunt it.

4) Follow instructions. Every blog has its own set of rules on how they expect blog posts, how many links you can include, etc. If a blog owner gives you instructions, follow them.  Don’t be shy about asking the blog owner for this information up front.

5) Except that the blog owner has more power. The reality is that an established blog with a solid Google PR has more power than an individual freelance blogger (there are a few exceptions). Your post might be amazing, but you still get a valuable link back, which gives you the better end of the arrangement. Bloggers feel this way. While no one expects you to bow and “kiss the ring,” it is important to be courteous when approaching a blog owner. The reality is, they don’t owe you anything, and you shouldn’t act as if they do.

I hope this doesn’t come across as a lecture. I am merely giving you the view from my seat as I sift through hundreds of guest blog offers a month.

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